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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hey thar
Yes yes I should be doing homework, and I am right now doing just about anything to avoid it, even though it means another late night which will result in a cranky and tired anissa in the morning, as well as a stressed anissa this evening when she realises how little time she has to do quite a substantal amount of homework :)

And goodness who knew how tiring college would be! I have joined the league of commuters, and now occupy one or two seats on a number 34 bus which is packed full of school children, which is one of the most tiring parts of my day. Why did no one tell me public transport was so bloody tiring?

On a more positive note, i'm now proactively looking for an actal paid job! Are you proud? Well to be honest i wouldn't be just yet, you can save it for when i've actually suceeded. And I'll take you out for lunch.
Recently as i have become older and lost the wonder that is child costs for many thing, i've realised just how expensive living actually is. I do feel that if I didn't manage to scrape together the pennies I have thus far, W would have missed out on some super funtimes, as well as descending into a near vegetative state, which would inevitably end with an anissa shaped hole in my bed/sofa./
It's at this point I must ask myself do really need money to be social? There must be someway that i can entertain my self and my chums without forking out for various 'necessities',  but i am yet to discover it, which is rather unfortuante. I shall conitnue on my valiant quest to discover the truth, and in the meantime, you can get back to your knitting.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The return of ..... the ABHOMINABLE RHIANNON! ;)

Today we thought we would post another blog about how, one day in the middle of september, we tried to teach our incapable friend ashley how to bake a batch of brownies. 
i have a feeling this is not going to go to plan and sometime in the very near future the fire brigade are going to be recieving a call about a house fire. 
which this time, will have nothing to do with me, or plastic trays. Not thati've set my stove alight or anything. that would be stupid...
right let's do this thing :D
*ashley gets dubiously up off his chair and heads slowly towards the kitchen*
i have the feeling that he is not going to be enjoying this, before this moment he has never cooked before and thinks that taking pizza out of it's packaging and putting it into the oven counts as cooking...no ashley it doesnt. 
Pause in the cooking.
It turns out that ashley can measure precisiley 200g of butter out, that he and carl fail at whisking eggs and me and anissa are the only capable egg whiskers in the house.
cooking continues
... and it transpires that ashley can sieve flour! wonderment of the century
also, he appears confused and bewildered of the invention that is cocoa powder. he regards it with some apprehension...
now for the blending this mixture is looking so sexy...
more of the cavalry has arrived and we are now 5 teenagers standing in a kitchen while ashley rubs his hands together in glee. he looks like a 5 year old child learning to bake, whereas really he is a 17 year old boy...learning to bake. he. cant. cook. 
ashley has just walked in proffering a bowl of brownie mixture, of which now carl and declan have begun to devour. ashley seems pleased with his achievement, possibly his greatest to date. *ashley shakes head*
he doesnt seem to agree with that, although he has just admitted that even his mother will not allow him within a 10 metre radius of the kitchen.
the mixture is nicely cooking in the oven and have now turned our attentions to any snack we may be able to gorge on while waiting for our brownie *declan raids fridge, resembling a hungry, hungry hippo* song of choice, from carl: example- changed the way you kissed me (mensah remix) mild head bobbing ensues
ahahahahaha excellent live eh nip?
oh oui i love nothing more than a bit of live music, really gets the circulation going  :{ )
*carl hitting himself in the face with his phone to create his siginture waterdroplet sound*
 not appreciating how i've been left with the clearing up guys ¬.¬

the results: mouth-gasm brownies,  well done ashley :D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just a quickie (it's a listy one)


So recently in my life: (prepare youselves for a list, oh yes)
Started college
Surprised with how much i was enjoying college, despite the almost deadly early mornings
Found some previously undiscovered store of willpower, which enabled me to do homeworks
Was so tired from doing not very much that upon going to a gathering managed to only last till about midnight before more or less passing out in bed, sleeping like a baby
Decided on an outfit for a fancy dress party
First skate in ages- felt free free as a bird rolling down whipps corss road :D

But, dear but few readers all is not well. For you see, i'm becoming increasingly worried about my mental stability. I fear I may be losing it. One sandwhich short of a picnic. Riding on the short bus. A few buttons short of a cardi. You get the idea. And there are several reasons for this, which i shall list for you now: (yes,again)
a)upon hearing the oven timer going off, instead of getting up, i join in, as if challenging the oven to a beep off. *beep beep*
ii)Whilst clearing the dinner table, the theme tune for fresh prince comes on. i start doing a very orderly but somewhat terrifying dance moves, the kind you might expect to find in a barn. Line-dancing guys. Then i realise the curtains are open :/
4) Sing Paolo Nutini songs at passing woomen while out for a skate.  Rather loudly, and not particularly well.
d)Wonder what happens if i stab my apple with a knife, then brandish it around (carefully, knives are dangerous kids) As it turns out, not a lot
4.2)write a blog which contains absolutely nothing constructive and waste your valuable time with it

So ladies, it's been a weird one, but i must away and get back to my homework
Cheerio! :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011


I'm sitting here with a bit of a headache wondering what happened to most of July and all of August. Goodness how the autumn has crept up on me.
September means the end of possibly the best holiday I've had, so thanks to my crazy chicks for that, I've laughed an awful lot.  It also means that christmas is coming up soon, which does not ake me happy, as I dont particularly like it. Lastly, it means me finally starting college, something i'm absolutely terrified about. There will be different people in a different building, and the learning is going to be very different. I'm just rather concerned with how my unorganised little self is going to cope. But who knows? Perhaps the trauma of these new surroundings and responsibilties will shock me like a bucket of ice water and i shall suddenly discover the secret to sorting out one's life. over the next two years i may become a shining example to students everywhere of how to achieve the best you can whilst still having a grand old time.
More realistically, i shall do as i normally do and freak out largely causing me to go into compete meltdown until around January, when i resign myself to my fate and do the bare minimum to ensure i just about achieve my goals. Or perhaps i will continue to haphazardly trip through life, relying on luck and others to bail me out and see me through. Only time will tell, so chirp up chickens! As long as i am still alive, I must be doing something right, so for now my only aim is to calm down and fret not :)

And so i bid you farewell for now and leave you with this:
What's just not cool?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Featuring special guest... Rhiannon!

Howdy. Today i am joined by the lovely rhiannon, (thats her on the right)  and i am going to delve into her mind and pick out the most fascinating tidbits and factoids that i can find, for your reading pleasure :)
So Rhianon, tea or coffee? x)
ooh tea, i've become a proper tea drinker, a drink gallons of it at work hahahahahahah
Anything really got you fired up at the mo'? news wise or otherwise?

hhhmmmm....well theres not been much going on tin the news recently, is it just me?
hahaha thats actually true!  (ooh how we laughed)
i think it is now pretty obvious to anyone reading this that me and anissa dont actually have a topic we want to talk about today...no, it's just difficult to interview someone you know so well! what am i supposed to ask?
well i dont know....ooh let's find a quiz online and use that instead
OOH good idea
also a quick note from me, isn't it starnge how you think you know someone so well, but you can always find something to talk about? even your best friends, closest chumlets.  And as soon as you're asked to converse, or simply confront your selves with the question 'sooo what shall we talk about?' you're conversational river dries up; it's like murphy's law!

okay enough of that, on with the quiz!

right so me and anissa got a bit distracted there, doing a quiz on zombies where we failed dismally
Actually, rhiannon is holding me back, if i'd done it alone, i would have aced that.
just saying
oh yeah right whatever nip, you took charge of the mouse for some of it! i watched you clicking!
Lies! terrible lies! (nip's my nickname, for those not in the know)
Zombie quiz stats: Physical rating C, Mental rating D, Experience rating F, (i.e. we probably couldn't tell a zombie from a pigeon), Emotional rating D (cold blooded killers), Total survival rank: B!
so all in all we probably would survive the zombie apocolypse, and remember nip...who's dying first?

Well thanks rhiannon this has been grand! we're off now to have muchos fun and make you all jealous! tata!

SEE ya later alligators


Monday, 8 August 2011

Is it wrong that even at a time like this I am amused by the abusurdity of the human race?

So as i sit here in my dining room, (the computer finally having been moved by the way) feeling very far away from these riots, safe as i am in the confines of my house on a street inhabited by mainly old people, i ponder on two matters.
First; I do have to laugh at :
>13 year olds running around screaming 'Justice' when they clearly have no clue why there's such unrest in the first place.
> Yobos who have taken advantage of the mob mentality to start smashing things or each other up
>Oppurtunists who willl use the violence and vandalism (ooh alliteration, i may write i poem with that title) as a means of distracting the police to help themselves to a flashy pair of trainers and a new dvd player.
I'm also amused by thos people who like myself are at home in front of their computers, but decided they will fearmonger and create a bit more panic with exclamations of who'll be struck next, and declarations of war, or pleads to rioters to stop before we all DIE! I'm sure people are scared enough without you telling them the streets are burning and they will be roasted in their beds.

Bet the kaiser chiefs are feeling a little bit cool right now..

Monday, 1 August 2011


 Hola chumlets and that is indeed Spanish as a nice sort of introduction into todays post which is all about my trip with 5 beautiful friends to Nerja, whichi hasten to add was absolutely brilliant.
So here it is, i bring you lots of fascinating pictures from my trip, and a little bitty about some of them so you can see some of the wonderfull sights i saw.
 Flying over, and it was more hilly than i was expecting, but beautiful( excuse the wing)
 So we ate a lot of fruit and i did awake one morning to find a cherry tree growing in my stomach

 Beautiful giant flowers by the pool

 Played some interesting pool...

oh the larks you can have with a hedge!

 When in Spain do like the Spanish- Sangria!!

 Enjoying the view on the first day :)

We found an abandoned villa at the top of the hill, and it was a ganja house! beautful, and covered with graffiti and cheery messages from past tourists and explorers. :)

 The graffiti out there  was amazing, so beautifu and much more artistic than

Making a splash at the pool (pardon the pun)

Visited the beautiful palace gardens in Grenada, complete with water feature :)

 Beautiful Leda being all statuesque

I just like this picture because i think it captures the sunshine :)

 All dolled up for a night out :)

 One can't go to Spain and not visit the beach!

so yuss there we have it, i hda a wonderful time with my friends, and these are just a little taster of some of the things we did, hope you liked them :)
Adieu x

Sunday, 31 July 2011

long time no prattle!

Well hallo there!
This is but a short apology for my absence, although seeing as  my followers are still limited I do wonder how much my input was missed... Either way I am back now full of verve and ready to go! I have been very busy going on holiday and to festivals so expect some rather picture-y posts in which I make your blood boil with envy at what a grand time i had (only joking).

A toute suite!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

cameras and strange names

Well howdy :)
It was my birthday yesterday (woop woop) so as a special treat to myself I dyed my hair pink, and it's acdtually gone relatively successfully!  My friends also came round and showered my with love and attention for which i am eternally grateful, thanks guys! Also i featured in my beautiful chum ronans fashion blog which was quite flattering >.< Gosh looking back it's been an eventful few days and it's only wednesday!
I've decided that i really need to get me some batteries and start taking photos (albeit rubbish ones) on my (equally rubbishing and featuring a broken zoom) camera. But it;s sstill a camera right? that way i can bring some colour and excitement to my blogs, in my quest to secure more followers  :)  There are moments in life when you just wish your eyes could take pictures, like today whilst strolling down the road i saww a truck ith 'Eat more pies' written across the front; very amusing in my book.
Also i was flicking through a fabulous book called 'Potty, Fartwell, and Knob' which lists some really hilarious names from past census and registers :') so i took some of the best and compiled a little story for your reading (all the italics are names) :
Ivor Hardon asked Willy Mcbum to Pat Mycock's party where Jane Fuxlonger got Emma Royds a drink. 'Gladys Friday,' said Isla White , pointing to her....Something something something
okay it's not a very thrilling story, but THEY ARE ALL REAL :')
I clearly have too much spare time...

Only a little post today hope you enjoyed it :) heres another cyanide and happiness to fill you up till the next time :)

cheerio :) x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Did you know....?

howdy all!
i'm writing this at a very akward angle seeing as the compter desk type thing is on it's last legs and is resting precariously on a deodorant can to stop it crashing sideways into the wall. Yes, yes i don't know why my family haven't joined the modern age and simply invested in one or two ligtweight and very portable laptops so we wouldn't have to bother with this monstrosity in my brother's room but hey ho.
Know, aparently i've got quite a good capacity for learning and storing and remembering in my brains and so on,  but unfortunately,i never put it to good use. instead my mrain is clogged with  rubbish that i can't ever use, like for example:
Did you know those little lights you see when you close your eyes are called phosphenes?
And if the average male never shaved his beard it'd be around 13 feet long.
There was a woman born in hackney in 1901 called constant pain.
Now, amusing and entertain aas these may be, i have no real use for things like this, apart from using them to appear well-read or intelligent by sprinkling them into conversation as and when i see fit.
Also, when i could be concentrating on learning something useful and worthwhile, my imagination instead goes into over-drive, but sadly, i can't share some of the splendour which is unfolding in my minds eye. Again for example if i see anything remotely anthropomorphic i get so excitedi could wet myself. first time i saw this -->
i went totally mad and suddenly there were dancing tree'sand there was hip-hopping and body popping and a made parade, and everyone wasy hugging and i was a tree, oh if you could have been there...
But is it wrong of me to not put my brain to better use? Or is it accepttable to use it for my own amusement?
 i'm sure some people want to jugulate me because of all the supposed potential i'm wasting. But hey it's mine to waste!
Anyway i'm pondering on that, what say you?
till the next time
:) x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

a blog about blogging

hallo :)
i'm so thoroughly bored and i've decided to do something productive with my time( although not as productive as revising), so here's a little tidbit about the difficulties i have faced when sitting down at the computer and readying my fingers to type out another masterpiece  :P

So yes,  i was thinking about whati should write a blog on, and trying to come up with a topic i feel strongly about,  and i was quite concerned when i coudlnt actually think of any. But i quashed my fears, thinking that maybe i just  couldn't think of anything i could write about in great detail. Then I toyed with the idea about writing a somewhat lighthearted and amusing blog about a [ast experience or something i'd seen which had provoked some deep thought or lesson learnt, but to no avail. At this point i was even more worried because i was left thinking that maybe my life is just incredibly boring, and i've stayed in the house for so long, that i've almost completed my metamorphosis into a hermit. :s so yes yo could see my dilemma, i'd come down with something which is commonly known  as writer's block, what was i to do? Then it hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks :D i could write a blog about not being able to write a blog! It might sound silly but like my good chum Albert Einstien said, "if at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."  And wow he was so right, because it might seem to you that i've wasted your time, but i'm now teeming with ideas about things i could write about, so i think i'll make me a list! :D

Fanks and pip pip 
:) x

John, the deaf polish artist

how's it hanging. yeah something quite nice happened so i thought i would postpone that one to tell you all about it :)
So I started writing a totally different blog, when the doorbell rang, so i upped and flew down the stairs lest it be someone beautiful soul  come to ease my boredom. It wasn't . When i did open the door the man stood there offered me a small laminated card which said his name was John from Poland, and he was deaf and selling drawings to pay for an operation in Poland. Now presuming that he is being honest and that he is deaf, and/or using the money for an operation, it think it's a lot better that he's trying to put his talent to good use and not just sitting on street corners begging. It's like he's working to get what he needs, and not giving up or being lazy, so i hope he manages to raise enough for whatever he needs.
so yeah times like this i rather like people :')
anyway au revoir
:) x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I thought i'd share a couple of titbits with you this fine morning :) The sun has been shining like the golden sky penny it is, and i'm on my second day of not being at school, and 'study leave' has so far fulfilled my expectations in that, i wake up at the same time i would for school, get out of my bed two hours later, roll around this house in a giant shirt eating and facebooking and doing everything but studying! How exciting for me :)
Also thought i'd share this accomplishment with you: i can now play two whole songs on the guitar, these songs being Dickhead by Kate Nash, and I'm Yours by Jason Miraz. now yes they're pretty elemantary but i've got to start somewhere. i'd quite like to tackle Golden Touch by Razorlight, but it does sound to difficult to even contemplate so i'll maybe get a bit better before attempting that one.
now before i leave i shall draw your attentions back to my to do list in my firstish blog: http://idislikemyname.blogspot.com/2011/05/heyyy.html
i did do some revision but i shan't cross that off because they're is still so much i have to do,
i did squeeze monies from my unsupecting parents, and i have been practising my rollerblading, admittedly with limited success. But hey ho i'm getting there
Farewell reader!
:) x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Good day,  good sir!
during my incredibly long and dull literature exam ( which i'm quite convinced i have failed in an outstanding way) I was left with many a spare minute to ponder on existence and life and lifestyle and so on, which left me with some pretty interesting if a little miserable findingouts(?) so sorry if i make you sad or whatever i'll put something cheery at the end :D

Because to me life doesn't seem all that worth it, all the boredom and upset and anger and misery what we have to endure waiting for fleeting moments of joy or happiness, especially for someone as relatively apathetic as me, seeing as i spend most of my time wandering round in a lethargic kind of lull waiting for someone else to perk me up. And people make such a fuss about it, as if the've forgotten the obvious: we're all going the same way, the way it ends is going to be prettymuch the same for everyone, and it's coming for everyone.

Then i started wondering about all those happy times, and how happy they make me and then i started feeling bad because i'm too hedonistic, so basically that things which like feel nice or pleasant or have a pleasant outcome to me must be intrinsically good. Obviously this means i  do things which feel good without regard to the consequences for others or for my self and it takes a great deal self control to try and remember not everyone is like me, and at any rate i dont want their happiness to be at cost to mine, because that would make me a shameless hussy x)
it also means i don't really care about the consequences that some things might have for me.
i think really, i'm just being sailly and i should post a more enjoyable blog about cats and stuop taking myself too seriously. after all like i said, we're all going the same way.

and now to cheer you up, here's an amusing comic strip courtesy of cyanide and happiness
 ciao :) x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

age is just a number baby ;)

hey my still rather limited audience >.<
just a little one today, i thought i'd do something kinda light-hearted after my explosion the other day xD
i just had a  grand time on a biike ride with my friends, it's a really pretty route to go on, and it's downhill more or less the whole way back, which is like heaven for my aching legs :) now i've got to do revision for exams and i'm not looking forward to it...

so yeah i was sitting in an exam the other day and my mind started wandering, i was thinking about like the end of school and all that jazz, and i started thinking back to yr 6. it seems like such a short time ago, but when i think about how much everyone i've matured and how much i've done it really takes me by surprise! When i was in yr 6 i felt so old, like i knew everything, (which is blatantly untrue if you saw a picture of me :s)  so in comparison i feel kind of ancient now. i'm a bit worried of how i'll feel when i 40! I don't how I'm going to fit all the things i want to in, but at the same time, how will i fill all that time?
gosh it gets my head in a right muddle :S

Are you afraid of getting old?

'Till the next time
:) x

Thursday, 19 May 2011


this has been written after the actual post :P - okay you are about to read an enormous rant about my views on punishment, sorry about this x)

As a naturally rebelious teen who puts a great amount of time and energy into breaking the rules, i have dealt with many punishments in my short little life. This means i have quite strong and clear views on the ins and outs of successful or  not so successful punishments.
To begin with, punishments in my opinion should be used to teach the offender a lesson. This means you also need to make them understand what they've wrong. you can't just punish someone because you think thats what should happen, or if you just want them to suffer because wwhat they did made you suffer or irritated you. Revenge is petty and stupid in my humble opinion. Also if they are never going to understand what they did wrong because its is only wrong from your point of view or perhaps only right in theirs, punishment is just like forcing your views on them and will only lead to tension and ill feeling, because nothing has been gained. It's frustrating, but phrases like 'agree to disagree' come in handy here. Nobody will ever be the same. So give it up.
Hitting. just no. We are not animals. In a heated argument do you honestly think that lashing out and giving some cheap display of strength will make you intimidating or powerful to whoever you are arguing with, then you're wrong. And you're an idiot. (sorry if it offends you) In short, I think if you're going to smack a three year old on the bum so they know not to stick their fingers in a socket, go ahead, But if you're about to slap someone across the face because you think they'll be afraid or realise you're stronger, think again.

Now i dont want to be biased. Obviously i would love to never be caught or punished or grounded, but i understand when i've done something wrong and should be punished. But excessive punishments are one of my pet hates. The punishment should fit the crime. For example. grounding me for 6 months, stopping my money, taking away my internet priviliges and phone for getting my ear peirced is ridiculous, especially seeing as the only reason i was forbidden from getting it done is because you dont like how it looks. But i'm getting too personal, this is supposed to be general! x) sorreee!

Monday, 16 May 2011

aaah this made me laugh, Google told me not to tell my password to anyone such as ' friends family, parrots etc..' :')
what would you do if a parrot exposed something about you in front of a large group of people??
 While here i should also let you know about the film Black Swan, yes i know it's been out ages but hush. i loved it, especially because i'm really in to the whole ballet thingy and i thought Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman were great in it. ( also i discovered Mila Kunis is the voce of Meg in Family Guy. who knew!? and she's really hot too.)  any way i think the films quite a clever portrayal of Portman's ind of mental instability, and i like how she gets so obsessed with her role in the ballet and all the swanny things that happen to her. very creepy :) But yeah i wold definitely recommend it if you're into psychological stuff
aah you know those films that make you feel clever because you make loads of links in the plot, or you notice little hidden things? i love those, i always feel like a genius :')
sorry guys thats a bit sad >.<

s'laters people
 :) x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

ooh and one little nugget i forgot to add at the end of my last post

using music as I so often do for guidance and advice :P

'Hey it's in your DNA!'

 hey chicks and chickens alike :) i hada grand old time today, went for a skate and a picnic with my chums so i feel like i had a good work out, even if i did then cancel it out with loads of jammy dodgers..

okaay today a topic I feel pretty strongly about  -->
yeah Gay-ness!

 anyway, yeah as a bit of a bicyle myself, i'm totally down with the whole homosexual/transgender thing. i reckon love should be limitless, so if guys want to kiss guys or girls want to kiss girls they should be allowed, and if they want to grow old toghether and shop for groceries in tesco then they should, without anyone discriminating. like me and a friend got a bit of stick for this photo where we were like pecking, and i just think, come on guys i'm just trying to share the love!
Obviously i dislike homophobes, but i think they're mostly just ignorant, and if we educated them a little, life would be fine!!
What I think's unfortunate are people who claim not to be homophobic, but they get really uncomfortable around sdame-sex couples, so they tend to avoid them. Like if they find out they're friends gay, they suddenly don't want to change around them, which is just silly.
 The recent story you all probably heard about in the news about Ugandan lesbian Brenda Namiggade really made me sad, because the fact that so many people have to hide who they are just doesn't seem right. no-one should have to fear for their life in their own country. i was really impressed by the publics response, and everyone who got involved in signing petitions and the like. Things must be looking up... :)

so yeah what are your views on LGBT stuff? 

:) x

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Now i've actually worked out how to kind of use this (ronan's right, it isn't diffcult) i think i'll give it another go-sie :)

So this is just a general hi-there and hello because I haven't got anything more interesting to say really, so i'll leave you with my to-do list for the next couple of weeks:
1) Get some revision done/try not to fail your GCSE's
2) Do more  rollerblading before Malaga
c) Get a crop top from ebay
5) Sell at least one item succesfully on ebay
6) Squeeze somemore money from your unfortunate and unsuspecting parents
4) Don't forget to get your glasses next thursday
vii) Learn to list properly :s

thats all, tatafornow!
:) x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


i had a tumblr, but it was full of pretty pictures, and as nice to look at as that is, it's not exactly stimulating so herre i am :P

 yes my blog title is a witty take on philip larkins poem, well done for noticing! it's one of my favourites teehee
 i've turned ginger and it really doesn't suit me. it was an accident (ahem* disaster) and it was the first day back at school so i was being stared at and had to explain the whole sorry tale several times over. which wasn't fun. and after one day back i'm already bored with school. which isn't promising, but oh well ;)
whens the next holiday??