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Misanthropic...i think i'm terrible at keeping up, so i apologise for huge long gaps. I hope it's more interesting than I am :P this BLogs pretty general i'll just pic a subject and go with it, or throw my thoughts at you... ooh i'm 16, i love london, my hometown x)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


i had a tumblr, but it was full of pretty pictures, and as nice to look at as that is, it's not exactly stimulating so herre i am :P

 yes my blog title is a witty take on philip larkins poem, well done for noticing! it's one of my favourites teehee
 i've turned ginger and it really doesn't suit me. it was an accident (ahem* disaster) and it was the first day back at school so i was being stared at and had to explain the whole sorry tale several times over. which wasn't fun. and after one day back i'm already bored with school. which isn't promising, but oh well ;)
whens the next holiday??