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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hey thar
Yes yes I should be doing homework, and I am right now doing just about anything to avoid it, even though it means another late night which will result in a cranky and tired anissa in the morning, as well as a stressed anissa this evening when she realises how little time she has to do quite a substantal amount of homework :)

And goodness who knew how tiring college would be! I have joined the league of commuters, and now occupy one or two seats on a number 34 bus which is packed full of school children, which is one of the most tiring parts of my day. Why did no one tell me public transport was so bloody tiring?

On a more positive note, i'm now proactively looking for an actal paid job! Are you proud? Well to be honest i wouldn't be just yet, you can save it for when i've actually suceeded. And I'll take you out for lunch.
Recently as i have become older and lost the wonder that is child costs for many thing, i've realised just how expensive living actually is. I do feel that if I didn't manage to scrape together the pennies I have thus far, W would have missed out on some super funtimes, as well as descending into a near vegetative state, which would inevitably end with an anissa shaped hole in my bed/sofa./
It's at this point I must ask myself do really need money to be social? There must be someway that i can entertain my self and my chums without forking out for various 'necessities',  but i am yet to discover it, which is rather unfortuante. I shall conitnue on my valiant quest to discover the truth, and in the meantime, you can get back to your knitting.