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Monday, 8 August 2011

Is it wrong that even at a time like this I am amused by the abusurdity of the human race?

So as i sit here in my dining room, (the computer finally having been moved by the way) feeling very far away from these riots, safe as i am in the confines of my house on a street inhabited by mainly old people, i ponder on two matters.
First; I do have to laugh at :
>13 year olds running around screaming 'Justice' when they clearly have no clue why there's such unrest in the first place.
> Yobos who have taken advantage of the mob mentality to start smashing things or each other up
>Oppurtunists who willl use the violence and vandalism (ooh alliteration, i may write i poem with that title) as a means of distracting the police to help themselves to a flashy pair of trainers and a new dvd player.
I'm also amused by thos people who like myself are at home in front of their computers, but decided they will fearmonger and create a bit more panic with exclamations of who'll be struck next, and declarations of war, or pleads to rioters to stop before we all DIE! I'm sure people are scared enough without you telling them the streets are burning and they will be roasted in their beds.

Bet the kaiser chiefs are feeling a little bit cool right now..

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