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Monday, 1 August 2011


 Hola chumlets and that is indeed Spanish as a nice sort of introduction into todays post which is all about my trip with 5 beautiful friends to Nerja, whichi hasten to add was absolutely brilliant.
So here it is, i bring you lots of fascinating pictures from my trip, and a little bitty about some of them so you can see some of the wonderfull sights i saw.
 Flying over, and it was more hilly than i was expecting, but beautiful( excuse the wing)
 So we ate a lot of fruit and i did awake one morning to find a cherry tree growing in my stomach

 Beautiful giant flowers by the pool

 Played some interesting pool...

oh the larks you can have with a hedge!

 When in Spain do like the Spanish- Sangria!!

 Enjoying the view on the first day :)

We found an abandoned villa at the top of the hill, and it was a ganja house! beautful, and covered with graffiti and cheery messages from past tourists and explorers. :)

 The graffiti out there  was amazing, so beautifu and much more artistic than

Making a splash at the pool (pardon the pun)

Visited the beautiful palace gardens in Grenada, complete with water feature :)

 Beautiful Leda being all statuesque

I just like this picture because i think it captures the sunshine :)

 All dolled up for a night out :)

 One can't go to Spain and not visit the beach!

so yuss there we have it, i hda a wonderful time with my friends, and these are just a little taster of some of the things we did, hope you liked them :)
Adieu x

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