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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Featuring special guest... Rhiannon!

Howdy. Today i am joined by the lovely rhiannon, (thats her on the right)  and i am going to delve into her mind and pick out the most fascinating tidbits and factoids that i can find, for your reading pleasure :)
So Rhianon, tea or coffee? x)
ooh tea, i've become a proper tea drinker, a drink gallons of it at work hahahahahahah
Anything really got you fired up at the mo'? news wise or otherwise?

hhhmmmm....well theres not been much going on tin the news recently, is it just me?
hahaha thats actually true!  (ooh how we laughed)
i think it is now pretty obvious to anyone reading this that me and anissa dont actually have a topic we want to talk about today...no, it's just difficult to interview someone you know so well! what am i supposed to ask?
well i dont know....ooh let's find a quiz online and use that instead
OOH good idea
also a quick note from me, isn't it starnge how you think you know someone so well, but you can always find something to talk about? even your best friends, closest chumlets.  And as soon as you're asked to converse, or simply confront your selves with the question 'sooo what shall we talk about?' you're conversational river dries up; it's like murphy's law!

okay enough of that, on with the quiz!

right so me and anissa got a bit distracted there, doing a quiz on zombies where we failed dismally
Actually, rhiannon is holding me back, if i'd done it alone, i would have aced that.
just saying
oh yeah right whatever nip, you took charge of the mouse for some of it! i watched you clicking!
Lies! terrible lies! (nip's my nickname, for those not in the know)
Zombie quiz stats: Physical rating C, Mental rating D, Experience rating F, (i.e. we probably couldn't tell a zombie from a pigeon), Emotional rating D (cold blooded killers), Total survival rank: B!
so all in all we probably would survive the zombie apocolypse, and remember nip...who's dying first?

Well thanks rhiannon this has been grand! we're off now to have muchos fun and make you all jealous! tata!

SEE ya later alligators


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