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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just a quickie (it's a listy one)


So recently in my life: (prepare youselves for a list, oh yes)
Started college
Surprised with how much i was enjoying college, despite the almost deadly early mornings
Found some previously undiscovered store of willpower, which enabled me to do homeworks
Was so tired from doing not very much that upon going to a gathering managed to only last till about midnight before more or less passing out in bed, sleeping like a baby
Decided on an outfit for a fancy dress party
First skate in ages- felt free free as a bird rolling down whipps corss road :D

But, dear but few readers all is not well. For you see, i'm becoming increasingly worried about my mental stability. I fear I may be losing it. One sandwhich short of a picnic. Riding on the short bus. A few buttons short of a cardi. You get the idea. And there are several reasons for this, which i shall list for you now: (yes,again)
a)upon hearing the oven timer going off, instead of getting up, i join in, as if challenging the oven to a beep off. *beep beep*
ii)Whilst clearing the dinner table, the theme tune for fresh prince comes on. i start doing a very orderly but somewhat terrifying dance moves, the kind you might expect to find in a barn. Line-dancing guys. Then i realise the curtains are open :/
4) Sing Paolo Nutini songs at passing woomen while out for a skate.  Rather loudly, and not particularly well.
d)Wonder what happens if i stab my apple with a knife, then brandish it around (carefully, knives are dangerous kids) As it turns out, not a lot
4.2)write a blog which contains absolutely nothing constructive and waste your valuable time with it

So ladies, it's been a weird one, but i must away and get back to my homework
Cheerio! :)

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  1. Mental instability? When you have substantial conversation with a pair of damaged jeans and proceed to promise swift vengance to the dissenter tops which refuse to remain folded, then you'll understand true instability. Keep up the posts!