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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The return of ..... the ABHOMINABLE RHIANNON! ;)

Today we thought we would post another blog about how, one day in the middle of september, we tried to teach our incapable friend ashley how to bake a batch of brownies. 
i have a feeling this is not going to go to plan and sometime in the very near future the fire brigade are going to be recieving a call about a house fire. 
which this time, will have nothing to do with me, or plastic trays. Not thati've set my stove alight or anything. that would be stupid...
right let's do this thing :D
*ashley gets dubiously up off his chair and heads slowly towards the kitchen*
i have the feeling that he is not going to be enjoying this, before this moment he has never cooked before and thinks that taking pizza out of it's packaging and putting it into the oven counts as cooking...no ashley it doesnt. 
Pause in the cooking.
It turns out that ashley can measure precisiley 200g of butter out, that he and carl fail at whisking eggs and me and anissa are the only capable egg whiskers in the house.
cooking continues
... and it transpires that ashley can sieve flour! wonderment of the century
also, he appears confused and bewildered of the invention that is cocoa powder. he regards it with some apprehension...
now for the blending this mixture is looking so sexy...
more of the cavalry has arrived and we are now 5 teenagers standing in a kitchen while ashley rubs his hands together in glee. he looks like a 5 year old child learning to bake, whereas really he is a 17 year old boy...learning to bake. he. cant. cook. 
ashley has just walked in proffering a bowl of brownie mixture, of which now carl and declan have begun to devour. ashley seems pleased with his achievement, possibly his greatest to date. *ashley shakes head*
he doesnt seem to agree with that, although he has just admitted that even his mother will not allow him within a 10 metre radius of the kitchen.
the mixture is nicely cooking in the oven and have now turned our attentions to any snack we may be able to gorge on while waiting for our brownie *declan raids fridge, resembling a hungry, hungry hippo* song of choice, from carl: example- changed the way you kissed me (mensah remix) mild head bobbing ensues
ahahahahaha excellent live eh nip?
oh oui i love nothing more than a bit of live music, really gets the circulation going  :{ )
*carl hitting himself in the face with his phone to create his siginture waterdroplet sound*
 not appreciating how i've been left with the clearing up guys ¬.¬

the results: mouth-gasm brownies,  well done ashley :D

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