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Saturday, 3 September 2011


I'm sitting here with a bit of a headache wondering what happened to most of July and all of August. Goodness how the autumn has crept up on me.
September means the end of possibly the best holiday I've had, so thanks to my crazy chicks for that, I've laughed an awful lot.  It also means that christmas is coming up soon, which does not ake me happy, as I dont particularly like it. Lastly, it means me finally starting college, something i'm absolutely terrified about. There will be different people in a different building, and the learning is going to be very different. I'm just rather concerned with how my unorganised little self is going to cope. But who knows? Perhaps the trauma of these new surroundings and responsibilties will shock me like a bucket of ice water and i shall suddenly discover the secret to sorting out one's life. over the next two years i may become a shining example to students everywhere of how to achieve the best you can whilst still having a grand old time.
More realistically, i shall do as i normally do and freak out largely causing me to go into compete meltdown until around January, when i resign myself to my fate and do the bare minimum to ensure i just about achieve my goals. Or perhaps i will continue to haphazardly trip through life, relying on luck and others to bail me out and see me through. Only time will tell, so chirp up chickens! As long as i am still alive, I must be doing something right, so for now my only aim is to calm down and fret not :)

And so i bid you farewell for now and leave you with this:
What's just not cool?

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