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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

a blog about blogging

hallo :)
i'm so thoroughly bored and i've decided to do something productive with my time( although not as productive as revising), so here's a little tidbit about the difficulties i have faced when sitting down at the computer and readying my fingers to type out another masterpiece  :P

So yes,  i was thinking about whati should write a blog on, and trying to come up with a topic i feel strongly about,  and i was quite concerned when i coudlnt actually think of any. But i quashed my fears, thinking that maybe i just  couldn't think of anything i could write about in great detail. Then I toyed with the idea about writing a somewhat lighthearted and amusing blog about a [ast experience or something i'd seen which had provoked some deep thought or lesson learnt, but to no avail. At this point i was even more worried because i was left thinking that maybe my life is just incredibly boring, and i've stayed in the house for so long, that i've almost completed my metamorphosis into a hermit. :s so yes yo could see my dilemma, i'd come down with something which is commonly known  as writer's block, what was i to do? Then it hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks :D i could write a blog about not being able to write a blog! It might sound silly but like my good chum Albert Einstien said, "if at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."  And wow he was so right, because it might seem to you that i've wasted your time, but i'm now teeming with ideas about things i could write about, so i think i'll make me a list! :D

Fanks and pip pip 
:) x

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