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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

John, the deaf polish artist

how's it hanging. yeah something quite nice happened so i thought i would postpone that one to tell you all about it :)
So I started writing a totally different blog, when the doorbell rang, so i upped and flew down the stairs lest it be someone beautiful soul  come to ease my boredom. It wasn't . When i did open the door the man stood there offered me a small laminated card which said his name was John from Poland, and he was deaf and selling drawings to pay for an operation in Poland. Now presuming that he is being honest and that he is deaf, and/or using the money for an operation, it think it's a lot better that he's trying to put his talent to good use and not just sitting on street corners begging. It's like he's working to get what he needs, and not giving up or being lazy, so i hope he manages to raise enough for whatever he needs.
so yeah times like this i rather like people :')
anyway au revoir
:) x

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