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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

cameras and strange names

Well howdy :)
It was my birthday yesterday (woop woop) so as a special treat to myself I dyed my hair pink, and it's acdtually gone relatively successfully!  My friends also came round and showered my with love and attention for which i am eternally grateful, thanks guys! Also i featured in my beautiful chum ronans fashion blog which was quite flattering >.< Gosh looking back it's been an eventful few days and it's only wednesday!
I've decided that i really need to get me some batteries and start taking photos (albeit rubbish ones) on my (equally rubbishing and featuring a broken zoom) camera. But it;s sstill a camera right? that way i can bring some colour and excitement to my blogs, in my quest to secure more followers  :)  There are moments in life when you just wish your eyes could take pictures, like today whilst strolling down the road i saww a truck ith 'Eat more pies' written across the front; very amusing in my book.
Also i was flicking through a fabulous book called 'Potty, Fartwell, and Knob' which lists some really hilarious names from past census and registers :') so i took some of the best and compiled a little story for your reading (all the italics are names) :
Ivor Hardon asked Willy Mcbum to Pat Mycock's party where Jane Fuxlonger got Emma Royds a drink. 'Gladys Friday,' said Isla White , pointing to her....Something something something
okay it's not a very thrilling story, but THEY ARE ALL REAL :')
I clearly have too much spare time...

Only a little post today hope you enjoyed it :) heres another cyanide and happiness to fill you up till the next time :)

cheerio :) x

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