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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Did you know....?

howdy all!
i'm writing this at a very akward angle seeing as the compter desk type thing is on it's last legs and is resting precariously on a deodorant can to stop it crashing sideways into the wall. Yes, yes i don't know why my family haven't joined the modern age and simply invested in one or two ligtweight and very portable laptops so we wouldn't have to bother with this monstrosity in my brother's room but hey ho.
Know, aparently i've got quite a good capacity for learning and storing and remembering in my brains and so on,  but unfortunately,i never put it to good use. instead my mrain is clogged with  rubbish that i can't ever use, like for example:
Did you know those little lights you see when you close your eyes are called phosphenes?
And if the average male never shaved his beard it'd be around 13 feet long.
There was a woman born in hackney in 1901 called constant pain.
Now, amusing and entertain aas these may be, i have no real use for things like this, apart from using them to appear well-read or intelligent by sprinkling them into conversation as and when i see fit.
Also, when i could be concentrating on learning something useful and worthwhile, my imagination instead goes into over-drive, but sadly, i can't share some of the splendour which is unfolding in my minds eye. Again for example if i see anything remotely anthropomorphic i get so excitedi could wet myself. first time i saw this -->
i went totally mad and suddenly there were dancing tree'sand there was hip-hopping and body popping and a made parade, and everyone wasy hugging and i was a tree, oh if you could have been there...
But is it wrong of me to not put my brain to better use? Or is it accepttable to use it for my own amusement?
 i'm sure some people want to jugulate me because of all the supposed potential i'm wasting. But hey it's mine to waste!
Anyway i'm pondering on that, what say you?
till the next time
:) x

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