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Thursday, 26 May 2011

I thought i'd share a couple of titbits with you this fine morning :) The sun has been shining like the golden sky penny it is, and i'm on my second day of not being at school, and 'study leave' has so far fulfilled my expectations in that, i wake up at the same time i would for school, get out of my bed two hours later, roll around this house in a giant shirt eating and facebooking and doing everything but studying! How exciting for me :)
Also thought i'd share this accomplishment with you: i can now play two whole songs on the guitar, these songs being Dickhead by Kate Nash, and I'm Yours by Jason Miraz. now yes they're pretty elemantary but i've got to start somewhere. i'd quite like to tackle Golden Touch by Razorlight, but it does sound to difficult to even contemplate so i'll maybe get a bit better before attempting that one.
now before i leave i shall draw your attentions back to my to do list in my firstish blog: http://idislikemyname.blogspot.com/2011/05/heyyy.html
i did do some revision but i shan't cross that off because they're is still so much i have to do,
i did squeeze monies from my unsupecting parents, and i have been practising my rollerblading, admittedly with limited success. But hey ho i'm getting there
Farewell reader!
:) x

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