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Monday, 16 May 2011

aaah this made me laugh, Google told me not to tell my password to anyone such as ' friends family, parrots etc..' :')
what would you do if a parrot exposed something about you in front of a large group of people??
 While here i should also let you know about the film Black Swan, yes i know it's been out ages but hush. i loved it, especially because i'm really in to the whole ballet thingy and i thought Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman were great in it. ( also i discovered Mila Kunis is the voce of Meg in Family Guy. who knew!? and she's really hot too.)  any way i think the films quite a clever portrayal of Portman's ind of mental instability, and i like how she gets so obsessed with her role in the ballet and all the swanny things that happen to her. very creepy :) But yeah i wold definitely recommend it if you're into psychological stuff
aah you know those films that make you feel clever because you make loads of links in the plot, or you notice little hidden things? i love those, i always feel like a genius :')
sorry guys thats a bit sad >.<

s'laters people
 :) x

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