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Thursday, 19 May 2011


this has been written after the actual post :P - okay you are about to read an enormous rant about my views on punishment, sorry about this x)

As a naturally rebelious teen who puts a great amount of time and energy into breaking the rules, i have dealt with many punishments in my short little life. This means i have quite strong and clear views on the ins and outs of successful or  not so successful punishments.
To begin with, punishments in my opinion should be used to teach the offender a lesson. This means you also need to make them understand what they've wrong. you can't just punish someone because you think thats what should happen, or if you just want them to suffer because wwhat they did made you suffer or irritated you. Revenge is petty and stupid in my humble opinion. Also if they are never going to understand what they did wrong because its is only wrong from your point of view or perhaps only right in theirs, punishment is just like forcing your views on them and will only lead to tension and ill feeling, because nothing has been gained. It's frustrating, but phrases like 'agree to disagree' come in handy here. Nobody will ever be the same. So give it up.
Hitting. just no. We are not animals. In a heated argument do you honestly think that lashing out and giving some cheap display of strength will make you intimidating or powerful to whoever you are arguing with, then you're wrong. And you're an idiot. (sorry if it offends you) In short, I think if you're going to smack a three year old on the bum so they know not to stick their fingers in a socket, go ahead, But if you're about to slap someone across the face because you think they'll be afraid or realise you're stronger, think again.

Now i dont want to be biased. Obviously i would love to never be caught or punished or grounded, but i understand when i've done something wrong and should be punished. But excessive punishments are one of my pet hates. The punishment should fit the crime. For example. grounding me for 6 months, stopping my money, taking away my internet priviliges and phone for getting my ear peirced is ridiculous, especially seeing as the only reason i was forbidden from getting it done is because you dont like how it looks. But i'm getting too personal, this is supposed to be general! x) sorreee!

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