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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Good day,  good sir!
during my incredibly long and dull literature exam ( which i'm quite convinced i have failed in an outstanding way) I was left with many a spare minute to ponder on existence and life and lifestyle and so on, which left me with some pretty interesting if a little miserable findingouts(?) so sorry if i make you sad or whatever i'll put something cheery at the end :D

Because to me life doesn't seem all that worth it, all the boredom and upset and anger and misery what we have to endure waiting for fleeting moments of joy or happiness, especially for someone as relatively apathetic as me, seeing as i spend most of my time wandering round in a lethargic kind of lull waiting for someone else to perk me up. And people make such a fuss about it, as if the've forgotten the obvious: we're all going the same way, the way it ends is going to be prettymuch the same for everyone, and it's coming for everyone.

Then i started wondering about all those happy times, and how happy they make me and then i started feeling bad because i'm too hedonistic, so basically that things which like feel nice or pleasant or have a pleasant outcome to me must be intrinsically good. Obviously this means i  do things which feel good without regard to the consequences for others or for my self and it takes a great deal self control to try and remember not everyone is like me, and at any rate i dont want their happiness to be at cost to mine, because that would make me a shameless hussy x)
it also means i don't really care about the consequences that some things might have for me.
i think really, i'm just being sailly and i should post a more enjoyable blog about cats and stuop taking myself too seriously. after all like i said, we're all going the same way.

and now to cheer you up, here's an amusing comic strip courtesy of cyanide and happiness
 ciao :) x

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