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Saturday, 21 May 2011

age is just a number baby ;)

hey my still rather limited audience >.<
just a little one today, i thought i'd do something kinda light-hearted after my explosion the other day xD
i just had a  grand time on a biike ride with my friends, it's a really pretty route to go on, and it's downhill more or less the whole way back, which is like heaven for my aching legs :) now i've got to do revision for exams and i'm not looking forward to it...

so yeah i was sitting in an exam the other day and my mind started wandering, i was thinking about like the end of school and all that jazz, and i started thinking back to yr 6. it seems like such a short time ago, but when i think about how much everyone i've matured and how much i've done it really takes me by surprise! When i was in yr 6 i felt so old, like i knew everything, (which is blatantly untrue if you saw a picture of me :s)  so in comparison i feel kind of ancient now. i'm a bit worried of how i'll feel when i 40! I don't how I'm going to fit all the things i want to in, but at the same time, how will i fill all that time?
gosh it gets my head in a right muddle :S

Are you afraid of getting old?

'Till the next time
:) x

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