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Sunday, 15 May 2011

'Hey it's in your DNA!'

 hey chicks and chickens alike :) i hada grand old time today, went for a skate and a picnic with my chums so i feel like i had a good work out, even if i did then cancel it out with loads of jammy dodgers..

okaay today a topic I feel pretty strongly about  -->
yeah Gay-ness!

 anyway, yeah as a bit of a bicyle myself, i'm totally down with the whole homosexual/transgender thing. i reckon love should be limitless, so if guys want to kiss guys or girls want to kiss girls they should be allowed, and if they want to grow old toghether and shop for groceries in tesco then they should, without anyone discriminating. like me and a friend got a bit of stick for this photo where we were like pecking, and i just think, come on guys i'm just trying to share the love!
Obviously i dislike homophobes, but i think they're mostly just ignorant, and if we educated them a little, life would be fine!!
What I think's unfortunate are people who claim not to be homophobic, but they get really uncomfortable around sdame-sex couples, so they tend to avoid them. Like if they find out they're friends gay, they suddenly don't want to change around them, which is just silly.
 The recent story you all probably heard about in the news about Ugandan lesbian Brenda Namiggade really made me sad, because the fact that so many people have to hide who they are just doesn't seem right. no-one should have to fear for their life in their own country. i was really impressed by the publics response, and everyone who got involved in signing petitions and the like. Things must be looking up... :)

so yeah what are your views on LGBT stuff? 

:) x


  1. well since our amazing pshe lesson i feel englightened :P haha i totally agree with you :) tbh i wouldn't like to see ANYONE getting off in front of me whether it be 2 guys 2 girls a guy a girl an alien whatever :P :) nice post anisa. keep em coming babygirl xxxx

  2. haha why not, as long as its not too saliva-y i dont really care :P
    will do :) xx